Company | Aquatic Food Processing and Conditioning Machinery Manufacturer Since 1977 | CHUANG MEI INDUSTRIAL CO.

Leave the Aquatic Food Processing and Conditioning Machinery to CHUANG MEI

Leave the Aquatic Food Processing and Conditioning Machinery to CHUANG MEI


Chuang Mei creates to reach a new era of food processing

Chuang Mei Industrial Co., Ltd. CM, established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a professional manufacturer of aquatic food processing and conditioning machinery and soybean food machine.

Since 1977, CM has provided services of customized products, which can quickly respond to customer needs, and it is even more diversified in food machinery projects. CM will be reborn with a new vision, and is willing to create and grow together with customers, and move forward to the next 40 years, and continue to create a new era of delicious food for Taiwan's food processing machinery.

Corporate Values

Chuang Mei does not forget the concept of entrepreneurship, insists on creating "the best standard of modern food conditioning and processing", and leads the company to create higher core values. With sincere communication, quality assurance, persistent concepts, professional technology and front-end innovation , to create a unique enterprise kingdom, look at the world, and achieve integration with the world, "create high-quality and efficient products, export from Taiwan to the world."

Business Model and Social Responsibility
Business Model and Social Responsibility

Chuang Mei is not only committed to professional services and quality improvement, but also committed to sustainable development in the company's operation and promotes corporate social responsibility, and pursues company development and sustainable concept symbiosis. Regulations, protect the rights and interests of colleagues, and actively improve and provide high-quality working environment and superior welfare measures, break the stereotyped thinking of traditional industries, and create a happy enterprise.

Professionally, we continue to develop and innovate products, expand the scope of research and development to different food machinery, and actively develop various food machinery patents; actively cooperate with academic units, fulfill social responsibilities, and provide vocational school students with opportunities to work.

Regularly donate to "The Garden of Hope Foudation", "Worldpeace"...and other charitable organizations, and donate materials regularly to students in remote areas with kindness Spirit, do your best for sustainable development and management.


Please enjoy our micro-film in our sincere attitude, professional technical ability and perfect pursuit of customization for each food processing machine, so that Chuang Mei's products can become a guarantee of high quality!

The Leading Expert of Aquatic Food Processing Machinery is Chuang Mei

Chuang Mei Industrial Co., Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience, we are a professional Aquatic Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer, and actively develops new products and patent certifications to provide customers with the best quality products and services.

「Create」a guarantee of safety and quality

We believe that quality and safety are the core needs of users.

「Continuous」innovation and customized services

Continuous innovation and customized product design to strengthen the service core.

「Chuang Mei」honest and reliable business cooperation

Sincere service and honest cooperation are the core values of our company's cooperation.

Awards & Certificates

Chuang Mei actively strives for various patents and awards to provide customers with high-quality products, professional services and safe machinery and equipment.

Company | Aquatic Food Processing and Conditioning Machinery Manufacturer Since 1977 | CHUANG MEI INDUSTRIAL CO.

Based in Taiwan since 1977, CHUANG MEI INDUSTRIAL CO. has been a food processing machinery manufacturer. Their main processing machines, including food forming, coating, frying and cooking machinery, as well as food refrigeration coolers, conveyors and lifter equipment.

CHUANG MEI Industry has more than 45 years of experience in food processing machinery manufacturing. It has complete self-development ability, provide customized and accurate humanistic consideration design, and are consistent with comprehensive, formal and multi-functional opportunities. CHUANG MEI focuses on producing of aquatic food processing and conditioning machinery and offering friendly services to customers.

CHUANG MEI, CM has been offering customers food cooking machines, both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, CHUANG MEI, CM ensures each customer's demands are met.