The Leading Expert of Aquatic Food Processing Machinery is Chuang Mei

Chuang Mei Industrial Co., Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience, we are a professional Aquatic Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer, and actively develops new products and patent certifications to provide customers with the best quality products and services.

「Create」a guarantee of safety and quality

We believe that quality and safety are the core needs of users.

「Continuous」innovation and customized services

Continuous innovation and customized product design to strengthen the service core.

「Chuang Mei」honest and reliable business cooperation

Sincere service and honest cooperation are the core values of our company's cooperation.

Hot Product

Liquid Squeeze Filter Hot

Liquid Squeeze Filter

The weight of the bean dregs is reduced by half, and the soymilk concentration and yield are greatly improved.

Twin- Forming Machine Hot

Twin- Forming Machine

The filling is designed by the pick feeder to preserve the integrity of the filling and increase the taste.

Diving-Type Fryer Hot

Diving-Type Fryer

Reduce oil consumption by 25 - 45%, and provide continuous filter to filter oil quickly and maintain the quality of oil.