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Chuang Mei Service Process.

Chuang Mei Service Process.

Service Process

Honest Communication, Customized Service, Quality Assurance

Chuang Mei provides customized services as the main axis of the food machinery industry. In response to market trends and customer production needs, we specialize in the design of advanced models, the development of multiple functions in one machine, and the strategic application of creativity to customization for customers. In the product of the chemical industry, the design standard of food hygiene is more, so that the product not only increases the stability of the equipment, but also continuously improves the quality and safety, and provides the most valuable food machinery design for customers.

Chuang Mei Service Process

Provided by Chuang Mei

Customer Service : It is very important to understand customer needs. Since customized food machinery can design a variety of different products, through consulting to understand customer needs and evaluate feasibility analysis, to provide customers with the most professional consulting services and suggestions.

Customized design : Provide customized and precise human-centered design, and provide complete, standardized and multi-functional models, continuous innovation of technology, user-friendly operation mechanism, and simple control interface, and also provide customers with customized production lines.

Production : Chuang Mei is focuses on R&D and design. It not only strictly controls the stability of equipment, but also never stops for quality "safety" requirements. From the material entering the factory to the final customer acceptance, each step is repeatedly inspected and tests, because we are sure that safety and quality are the core needs of users and can meet customer expectations.

Installation : In order to make the equipment meet the standards in the design, manufacturing, production and pre-test stages, a comprehensive whole machine test will be done before shipment, the customer is invited to come to the actual raw material online test and quality process inspection in the factory.
After the test machine is completed, according to the agreed place delivery, and the technical engineer will go to the customer site to install and locate, and on-site testing and teaching the personnel how to use it.

Acceptance and Warranty : Final confirmation of the customer's equipment, Chuang Mei provides one-year warranty service.

Chuang Mei Acceptance Flow Chart